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Different colors and images make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of any template. Most of our templates contain easy to change images (please note the sections that specify the difficulty level) and all our templates the colors can be changed with style sheets.

"Image Difficulty: #" - This range is for the HEADER images only. Interior images are generally simple and quickly changed. Range 1-5, 1 being super easy and 5 being extensive graphical knowledge needed...

Style One - Left Column & Collage Header



Style Two: Left Column & Medium L Picture


Style 3 - 3 Across & 3 Down

Style 5 - Large Text Top

Style 7 - Polaroid & Graphic Base

Style 4 - Right Column & Blended

Style 6 - Simple 3 Top


Style 8 - Large L


Style Nine - Storybook Front


Style Ten: Box Images


Style 11 - Simple Text

Style 13 - Left Tab Large Image

Style 15 - Left Nav Large Top


Style 12 - Circle Image

Style 14 - Left Graphic


Style Sixteen - Double Navigation


Style Seventeen - Miscellaneous



Style 18 - Box Headers

Style 20 - Tab

Style 19 - Graphical & Tab

Style Twenty-One: Large Multiple Header

Style Twenty-Two: Left Navigation & White Top:



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